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Kchgz-Biotech Ltd: Who We Are

Kchgz-Biotech Ltd. is a company that specializes in medical devices such as physiotherapy, orthopaedic and Rehabilitation equipment, we are the brand owner of Laurel products, and have been in operation since 2018.

        In our everyday lives injuries and incorrect posture limit us from performing physical activities at the optimum level, Kchgz-Biotech is committed to providing support to your body and healing your pain making such seemingly impossible activities possible. We sell the best possible orthotic equipment with the scientifically correct design and superior materials which are doctor recommended.

      We understand your needs and strive to make your life as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to heal and relieve our customers from pain across the world. We have a company with a reputation for managing injuries and treating pain. Our mission is to provide technically advanced products at affordable prices that assist customers get relief from pain, preventing unforeseen injuries, providing anatomically correct support during daily activities, and maintaining proper posture and form.

Vision Statement

To help support a better life in the global community through research, training, distribution, and manufacture of innovative healthcare products. We make the world a better place.

Mission Statement

  • To provide innovative, high-quality and cost-effective products in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation sector.
  • To enhance people’s activity and quality of life by offering awesome technologies in the field of rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Why We Are Different

There are so many reason one can choose us over our competitors. Below are some of them.

Excellent Customer Service

The customer service is second to none

Top Quality Products

Our physiotherapy products are top quality

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery within Lagos state

Highly Trained Staff

Our staff are highly trained and passionate about customer service

We Are Close By

We also work very closely

Fast Delivery

Our delivery is fast and reliable

Years of Experience

We have years of experience in the industry

Save Money on High Quality

We offer reasonable and affordable prices for high quality products

Absolutely Transparent

Our promise of an absolutely transparent service

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