Cervical Collar

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Cervical/neck collars are commonly used by patients who have had a surgical intervention of the cervical spine, to immobilise the neck. It is also used for the treatment of neck pain, caused by acute trauma or chronic pain. After a whiplash injury, the neck collar can be used for both immobilisation and to reduce pain, although the value of the collar over early active mobilisations is questioned as early mobilisations can give a greater improvement in cervical range of motion and in the reduction of pain following a whiplash injury.[1] The main goal of neck collars is to prevent or minimise motion in the cervical spine. It also keeps the head in a comfortable gravity aligned position, maintaining normal cervical lordosis.

Even though the term “Cervical Collar” has been widely used, the standardised and universally accepted term is now cervical orthosis. The name should be given depending on the parts of the body the orthotic device is supporting, such as cervical orthosis, head cervical orthosis or cervico-thoracic orthosis for example.



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